Find a personal diet that is adapted to your lifestyle.

Do you feel tired? Do you find it difficult to lose weight or is your energy low, and you don’t feel the same joy pursuing your activities as you did before? What if your health balance can be achieved through your plate?

With my approach based on nutritherapy and coaching in nutrition, my objective is to support you in gaining optimal health by:

  • regaining your ideal weight
  • working on your eating disorders
  • (re)learning to listen to your body’s needs
  • rebalancing your diet and adapting your lifestyle to address fatigue, lack of concentration, stress, burn-out
  • treating your digestive disorders like digestive discomfort, irritable bowel disease and various intolerances
  • strengthening your immunity and treating your allergies
  • taking charge of your diet if you suffer from conditions such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, cardiovascular disorders, thyroid dysfunctions and autoimmune diseases.

Are you interested? I look forward to meeting you!


My name is Natascha and as a nutritherapist, I would like to support you on your journey towards your well-being.  Using my approach, we will focus on the following three dimensions:

Balance on your plate: You want to lose weight or change your eating habits because you realise that you are not at your best or already at an advanced stage of disease behaviour that you would like to reverse? I look forward to accompanying you to restructure your eating model so that it is tailored to your tastes and your lifestyle.

Your mental balance in relation to what you eat: You have some notions of healthy nutrition and despite this knowledge, at the slightest distraction you struggle to apply it? So, let’s explore together what is conditioning your eating behaviour and restore the balance and pleasure of eating.

Balance of what you eat and the environment: Local, seasonal … you want to integrate these aspects in your eating lifestyle, but you are uncertain with all the information that is available on the subject? I am happy to address this aspect in our work together and to give you some guidance.

My overall goal is to help you find balance on your plate. Each of you is unique. Taking into account your physical and emotional being, I want to help you achieve results in a sustainable and motivating way.

I look forward to meeting you.